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Lil shower

Lil shower

boreshores asked: How do you stop yourself from getting burnt out on drawing? Do you try and force yourself to make a drawing for the day? Or do you wait until you are in the mood to?

Whenever I feel burnt out it means I’m doing the same thing over and over and not really thinking about the process of Drawing or trying to learn something new.

Tackling a new subject or materials is always a fun challenge and can fill you with excitement and inspiration! 

I never wait until i’m ‘in the mood to draw’ I create that moment myself!

Sometimes a cup of tea helps.

my cubicle neighbor Aaron , entertaining Hannah and I

my cubicle neighbor Aaron , entertaining Hannah and I

Anonymous asked: Hey Madéleine! I just wanted to start by saying I am a huge fan of your work. I love your style and am inspired by your work. I need some advice. I'm 16 and my dream is to be an animator. I love drawing and have been since I was 10. I've gone through phases of drawing stuff. But, the thing I love to do the most is cartoons, and make comics and create characters and whatnot. But I'm scared for the future, people get so competitive and I'm worried about college and have no idea what to do! Help?!


The future is scary, I think everyone can agree on that! 

I think it’s good to try to see being Competitive as a positive thing, use it as motivation and a means to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie- or even as a bridge to friendship! There are always going to be people who take it too serious and are elitists, but pppbbbbt on that.

It sounds like you know what you want to do- use college to your advantage! Find professors who are helpful, ask them what you need to work on, what books should you read outside of class, if they know any other students who are interested in the same things as you-

Find a good art program, if it’s at a college or local art center- find like minded people, collaborate, be inspired and supportive, elevate each other’s art to the next level.MAKE THINGS.MAKE THINGS.MAKE THINGS. There will be jealousy (it’s human nature) but if you’re a positive force, then you will have that same positive support helping you as well!

To pull a metaphorical lesson from the greatest film in all of cinematic history, Pacific Rim: Artists, Cartoonists, Animators etc. are all in their own separate Jaegers, we keep our own score, but we are all fighting for the same thing- ridding the earth of Kaiju. 

on the way to work this morning

on the way to work this morning

😴Post-it-Love Note Sleep Talk Edition😴

😴Post-it-Love Note Sleep Talk Edition😴


Oh something cool came in the mail. It’s this Madeleine Flores comic debuting at TCAF! Pre-order and get it in the mail soon after!

Get my new comic! It has a fancy new story in it and a collection of some comics I put on tumblr!

Hey Portland! Come on out, it’s a nice day and admission is free!!!

Hey Portland! Come on out, it’s a nice day and admission is free!!!

Started my new job today!!! Making cartoons for TV!!!!!!!

Started my new job today!!! Making cartoons for TV!!!!!!!

cameronlamontagne asked: if you were any bakery/pastry item what would you be?

dead because i would have eaten myself

cookies-or-death asked: I am hanging upside-down on my bed wondering what to draw! What should I draw!! HELP!!!!

Draw a self portrait draw a comic about your day draw yourself wearing outfits that you wish you could afford

asktheglitch asked: my brain is soo hungry for inspiration! what should i do?!

watch a movie read a book learn an instrument learn a song learn a dance go for a walk take a shower- an active brain actively comes up with ideas

Anonymous asked: why is the night sky filled with millions of spiders???

i prefer them in the sky instead of in my house so 👍

darebincreek asked: Where is my other sock?

have you checked your other foot

Anonymous asked: Hi, you probably have been asked this many times before, but I just have to ask.. where did you get started? What and how did you get to where you are now in Art? * currently kind of scared/worried, and all that bummed out mojo eating away at me when I think of art* cries.

Don’t be scared!
I started off doing journal comics and posting them online on a regular basis- then i learned what mini comics where and was like daaaang i want in on that- so i started going to conventions and bought&sold minis- then i decided, I’m going to write a webcomic, then I did that for a while and got job offers and here we are!