My name is Maddy. I have a webcomic called Help Us! Great Warrior and a cat named Dirtbike.

Anonymous asked: So just read your post about you moving across country, and I'm making the assumption that you're in a relationship right now from your comics. Is this distance going to affect it?

Heck yeah it’s going to affect it!
In that it will be so much more awesome because my boo lives in Portland!

  1. dthen said: Yaaaaay!
  2. angietumblz said: Y-YOU’RE MOVING TO PORTLAND???
  3. tigerunicorns said: OH MY TOOTS, I LIVE IN PORTLAND! :OOOOOO
  4. erickalugoillustration said: oooooooooooh yeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh!!! *envy*
  5. before-and-after-the-rain said: You’re going to live in Portland?! That’s where I’m from!
  6. sarazaa said: AWWWWW :D
  7. doodlemancy said: AAAA THAT’S THE BEST THING C:
  8. jacquesbluesky said: woo WOO!! Have a super time in Portland, hope everything goes well :)